Come along to try new drams, learn about European whiskey, and meet fellow enthusiasts... or let us know if you would like to see an event where you are!

Whiskies from...

Kyrö, Teerenpeli, Slyrs, Green Tree, Cley, NORDIK, Scheibel Mühle, Fary Lochan, Lambertus, Puni, Distillerie des Menhirs, Armorik...

and counting!

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Past Events & Reviews


Benjamin Romero (Eindhoven) - "That day was a great day... We had fun... Taste[d] some great EU mainland whiskeys and learned more about whiskey as well..."


Rennes Whiskey Club - "Thanks again Harry for this session, it was great!"


Tatiana Duarte (Barcelona) - "These European whiskeys are young, still learning about themselves... and its exciting to see the potential there."


Christopher Ball (Birmingham) - "Great night at Grain and Glass with a super host. Thanks for the insight and I loved the Cley!"


Leendert Haaring (Den Haag) - "Great night. Whisky tasting at O'Caseys, organised by EuroWhisky. And some beers too."