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No light, no sound - just whisky


Come and taste three local whiskeys with us in the historic North Caves of Maastricht. Enjoy local Limburg craft products in a labyrinth of history, including Bisschopsmolen vlaai and your own tasting glass to keep.


With this ticket, you get

- Three local single malt whiskies from Mwórveld, De IJsvogel, and Radermacher

- Guided tour  through the North Caves in Maastricht

- Tasting glass to keep and take home

- Local Bisschopsmolen pie *

- Discount on Mwórveld Distillery tour (€18.50 - normally €20)

Dutch Whiskey

Dutch Whiskey

Aged in red wine and bourbon casks, this Dutch single malt is rich despite its young age. This is the sixth batch from small distillery Mwórveld, hence the name. Want to know more about Mwórveld? Take a look at our blog post all about a visit there in May 2023 !


For Fans Of: Arran Amarone, Starward


Details: Dutch single malt aged in red wine and bourbon casks, no age statement, bottled at 49% ABV. 

From a real up and coming distillery, this single malt is an affordable powerhouse of a bottle. Expect a punchy Dutch dram full of grainy sweetness, dried fruit, and butterscotch!


For Fans Of: Eagle Rare 10 Year Old, 100 proof bourbon and rye such as Rittenhouse Rye 100 Proof, Edradour


Details: Triple pot distilled in Rotterdam. 3 years aged in ex-bourbon before a finish in toasted new American oak quarter casks. If you want to learn more about the distillery and how Cley is expanding, you can see their recent investment campaign at https://crowdaboutnow.nl/campaigns/cley !

A bottle once described as 'naughty Ribena' (one for UK whiskey fans there!). This is Cley PX Cask, bottled at a rich 51%. Powerful, wood-heavy, not subtle!


For Fans Of: Glendronach, Tamdhu, Redbreast 


Details: Pot distilled single malt, aged for 3 years in bourbon casks before an 18 month finish in PX quarter casks. If you want to learn more about the distillery and how Cley is expanding, you can see their recent investment campaign at https://crowdaboutnow.nl/campaigns/cley !

Another high-strength, limited release from Cley, this 51% single malt is aged in rich palo cortado sherry octaves to give it an incredible depth of flavor for such young whisky. 


For Fans Of:  Glen Elgin, Dailuaine, Clynelish


Details:  Pot distilled single malt, aged for 3 years in bourbon casks before an 18 month finish in palo cortado octaves. 

While Cley can't tell you which Campbeltown distillery provided the casks for this whisky's finish, they give you all the clues to work it out: 'a distillery with the Latin for Scotland in its name'. 


For Fans Of: Any Campbeltown whisky!


Details: This Dutch single malt spends three years in bourbon casks before 1.5 years finishing in the secret Campbeltown hogsheads. Tasting notes include pear, white pepper, and oily sea spray. 

French Whiskey

Whiskey Français

Bourbon vanilla, stone fruits, leather - that's what Maison Peyrat suggests as tasting notes for this unpeated single malt. They are one of many French cognac distilleries adding whiskey to their repertoire.


For Fans Of: Hinch, English Whisky Company, Speyburn


Details: With individually numbered bottles, this whiskey is made from French grain aged in French and American oak casks for 3 years before a finish in Cognac and Pineau des Charentes barrels.

Peated, light and fresh - this is a limited edition single malt from Villa Peyrat. One of many French cognac distilleries adding whiskey to their repertoire, Peyrat gave this one a gentle smoky twist.


For Fans Of: Connemara, Glasgow Distillery Peated


Details: Made using French grain, this single malt is aged 4 years in new American and French oak casks. 

Heriose is a light, young French single malt made by Maison Boinaud , a historic cognac producer in southwestern France. In fact, the distillery is less than 10km from the town of Cognac itself. A good example of the lighter side of French whisky, it comes in an absolutely striking bottle!


For Fans Of: Dalwhinnie, Bushmills


Details: Made from French barley, this single malt is double distilled in traditional cognac stills before aging in bourbon casks.

Welsh Whiskey

Whisgi Cymraeg

One of the first Welsh rye whiskeys and a limited release from the country's northern coast! Just over 3 years old, this rye whiskey was aged in virgin oak cask to further boost its sweetness. This is a rare one to add to the collection!


For Fans Of: Canadian rye, Glen Ord


Details: This rye whisky is made from 51% malted rye and 49% (Welsh) malted barley. As part of the Kintra Single Cask Collection, this whiskey is not chill filtered and has no added color.

Belgian Whiskey

Whiskey Belge / Belgian Whiskey

This is the first core release from Bruges Whiskey Company, a small distillery in the Belgian city of the same name. It doesn't come with a lot of info for whiskey nerds, instead taking a simple approach.


For Fans Of: Black Bush, Aberlour, Stranahans Sherry Cask


Details: Aged in a combination of bourbon, merlot, port, and oloroso casks. Sharp, fruity flavours and plenty of depth for a young whisky. 

Swiss Whiskey

Whiskey Suisse / Schweizer Whiskey / Whiskey Svizzero

Himmelberg combines Säntis' traditional beer casks with wine aging, combining lightness and richness. 


For Fans of: Glenturret, Cragganmore Distillers Edition


Details: The wine casks used for Himmelberg include port, sherry, and merlot. Expect flavors of pear, almonds, and caramelized ginger. Switzerland's first modern whisky makers use old oak casks in which their beer has sat for decades, creating a completely different effect from most modern beer casks.

Dreifaltigkeit ('trinity') is a peated Swiss whisky, and one of the highest rated expressions to emerge from Säntisblick Destillerie.


For Fans of: Talisker Port Ruighe, Arran Amarone


Details: Aged in the unique Säntis beer casks, this cask strength whisky is non chill filtered and has no added colour. This is a rich one for sure! Expect aromas of apple wood and peat smoke, bbq and smoked ham.

Finnish Whiskey

Suomalainen viski

'Sweet and ryeful', this is the classic Kyrö whisky. Finnish rye grain and American oak combine to produce a rye whisky with an earthy edge and unmistakeable twist. 


For Fans Of...

Glen Garioch 12, West Cork Bog Oak, Dillons rye (Canadian craft distillery)



Finnish unsmoked rye malt bottled at Kyrö's characteristic 47.2% ABV. No age statement, aged in new American oak casks. Tasting notes include walnuts, red berry jam, vanilla, ginger.

Few bottles are more unique, or more emblematic of where they come from. Kyrö Wood Smoke combines traditionally wood-smoked rye grain from Finland and sweet oak.


For Fans Of...

Balcones, Ledaig, and Glenallachie fans are more likely to enjoy this whisky



Finnish rye malt smoked over alder in a traditional Finnish 'riihi' and bottled at Kyrö's characteristic 47.2% ABV. No age statement, aged in new American oak casks. Tasting notes include caramel, pepper, tar, and rye bread. 

A new combination of 'nutty sherry & Finnish rye', this whisky forms part of the brand new Kyrö core range. Now in full size 70cl bottles, Kyrö's rye malt gets a finish here in oloroso casks.


For Fans Of...

Blair Athol, Millstone single malts, Angel's Envy



Finnish rye malt bottled at Kyrö's characteristic 47.2% ABV. No age statement, aged in new American oak and oloroso sherry casks. Tasting notes include sweet rye bread, raisins, nuts, dried fruit. 

Danish Whisky

Dansk Whisky

The best of Stauning's experimental series, Bastard gives this Danish rye whisky a distinct edge from a mezcal finish. A complex bite of citrus, tobacco, and sweet rye flavours, and absolutely unique!


For Fans Of:  ...


Details:  Rye whisky (60% rye, 40% barley), NAS - new American oak with finish in mezcal casks

Everything Stauning does in one bottle, the KAOS combines smoked malt, unsmoked malt, and rye in one Danish whisky. Sweet rye whisky with an edge, this is a well balanced and rich whisky.


For Fans Of:  Arran (sweet finishes), Sazerac, Lot 40 


Details:  Pot distilled 'triple malt', NAS - 4 to 5 years in both heavy char new American oak and 1st fill Makers Mark casks

If you want to see Stauning's approach at its purest, try their Rye Whisky. Floor-malted, distilled via small, direct-fired stills, and bottled at a rich 48% - everything you need in one smooth, sweet package


For Fans Of:  ...


Details:  Rye whisky (70% floor malted rye, 30% barley), NAS - new American oak 

Our European Whiskey Sample Packs

Our first sample packs, featuring three European whiskies! Each bottle contains 50cl, enough for two drams. Share with friends, or simply enjoy a second round of tasting. 


The whiskeys in this first pack are:

1. Eddu Broceliande - Distillerie des Menhirs (Breton buckwheat whisky) 43%

2. Cask Strength - Cley (Dutch Single Malt) 52%

3. Gold Cock Peated - R. Jelinek (Czech Single Malt) 49.2%


*New look packs coming in 2024*

EuroWhisky Merch

Made from compressed waste wood pulp, these coasters are environmentally friendly - no plastic involved! Just the right size for a copita, glencairn, or other whisky glass to rest on. Strong enough to reuse and wash, but also able to break down naturally and compost if thrown away. Produced by Orakel (Belgium).