The First Whisky from In The Welsh Wind!

Published on 20 April 2024 at 18:28

Where is IWW? What's their deal?

In the Welsh Wind is a new whiskey distillery in West Wales. You can see here on the EuroWhisky Map (IWW, no.653) that it's actually quite close to Dà Mhìle distillery - and Ceredigion (Cardigan). If you're travelling around Wales, it's easier to get to - it lies on the A487 coastal road.


I posted about IWW on Instagram last year and highlighted them as one to watch! But they started up back in 2018.


We're getting a sample of their first release , a single cask coming out one year before their first mainline whisky!


Can't wait to try this first release of 674 bottles! If you want to try it too, there's a pre-sale online on 23rd April - and a launch event at the distillery on the 26th. The bottles are a full 70cl, and cost £95. If you can make it to the distillery on the day, you can get a free tour and meet the distillery team. 


IWW say they want to 'continue the tradition of Welsh whisky-making and showcase the unique flavors and heritage of our region'. Personally, I think its great there's a conscious attempt to focus on and perpetuate a style of whiskey distinct to Wales, perhaps supported by Welsh whisky's legally protected status within the UK. 


Their first mainline whiskey is coming out next year - ' Welsh Origin Whiskey '. The difference between this and existing Welsh drams like Penderyn is immediately clear - this one uses locally grown barley malted on site , for a start. As far as I know, no-one else in Wales does this - and no-one else in Britain besides a literal handful of Scots?


100% Welsh grain sourced within 10 miles of the distillery. Moreover, they are for sure the only distillery in Great Britain using unmalted barley in their whisky's mashbill - something normally only seen in Ireland, or in Distillerie des Menhir's Ed Gwenn .


More details of the distilling process will surely be coming in time, and I will add tasting notes to this post when I get a sample of this whiskey. IWW uses an iStill, and this first whiskey comes from a Palo Cortado cask. 


Founder and Director Ellen Wakelam says 'We are incredibly excited to share our first whiskey with the world. This release marks a significant milestone for us as we make our mark on the Welsh whiskey industry.'


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